Crossroads Next Steps

We are so glad you have found us.

We want to foster a simple, authentic, personal, and relevant in-home and online experience to help Crossroads get connected and stay connected so we can grow with each other in our faith.


We believe baptism is an outward expression of an inward change and encourage every believer to be baptized.  If you'd like more information on baptism, email Pastor Aaron here.

Connecting with Others

We believe what we experience at a Sunday morning meeting is only a part of what God intended for us as believers. If we want to experience being a part of the family and community of Christ in a more organic way, it’s time to get face-to-face. Church happens in circles not just in rows. Life change comes with connection. It comes with vulnerability, commitment, and involvement. It happens at tables and couches in homes and in the community. It happens in online groups and video chats. It’s where every believer has a voice, a gift to bring, and a part to play. It’s simply what Church does. (Acts 2:42-47). And it’s the next step as we desire to mature in Christ. (Eph. 4:11-17).