Building Project

This summer we are planning to take on a building project that will maximize the square-footage of our facility as well as make needed repairs to keep our buildings in their best condition for years to come!

Here's what Pastor Aaron has shared about the building project:

What we are doing:

  • Roof
  • Youth Building Heating & Cooling System
  • Cookie Room
  • Nursing Mothers Room
  • Parking lot
  • Additional Storage

Total cost of these projects is $146,000

This is not an exhaustive list, we have vision that continues into the future. But this is our first faithful step the Lord has called us to.

How Will We Do This?


  • Source local contractors (We have already undergone a bidding process) 
  • Volunteer participation where applicable


  • Fundraising (stay within our means - no loans)
  • Schedule projects as funds become available

How we can each participate:


  • Pray for and abundance of funding
  • Pray for continued vision
  • Pray for the work
  • Pray for the increase


  • Prayerfully consider how the Lord would call you to financially participate. 
  • June 25th we will receive a special offering.
  • Donations can also be made now and ongoing on our website.


  • We will update with volunteer opportunities as they become available!

Giving to the Building Project Fund

If you would like to give to the building project fund, use the link below.

Click here